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All States are required by international law to ensure that their use of weapons in armed conflict is not prohibited or restricted.
Cyber weapons
Cyber weapons require a unique weapon review process.
Autonomous weapons
IWR specializes in the legal review of autonomous and AI enhanced weapons.
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“In the study, development, acquisition or adoption of a new weapon, means or method of warfare, a High Contracting Party is under an obligation to determine whether its employment would, in some or all circumstances, be prohibited by this Protocol or by any other rule of international law applicable to the High Contracting Party”

Article 36 of the First Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949

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International Weapons Review


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IWP can produce weapons reviews on conventional, autonomous, semi-autonomous and emerging weapons technology using global best practice for international law compliance.

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IWR can provide specific advice on legal compliance of bespoke weapons systems, componentry or proposed use. Reviews can be iterative and customised to project delivery requirements.

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IWR can train legal professionals on the conduct of Article 36 Reviews and provide awareness and familiarisation training to engineers and developers in the legal standards required in the design and use of weapons.

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IWR can conduct assurance, risk reduction and audit on international law practices impacting the design, development and production of weapons and weapon systems.

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IWR can design Innovative systems for States and Companies to enhance efficiency and ensure international legal compliance when developing new weapons.

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IWR can Represent clients in the discharge of legal obligations relating to the conduct of weapons reviews, export control and compliance with international law.

IWR | enhancing efficiency through enhancing legal compliance

Tomahawk missile being fired from a ship

IWR provides practical advice to Defence Industry during the development of new weapons to ensure they comply with their client State’s legal and ethical obligations.

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IWR can assist States to comply with their legal and ethical obligation to legally review weapons.

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IWR can assist organisations to understand the obligations of States in regards to new and emerging weapons.

New Technology Weapons

New technology weapons, such as weapons enhanced by artificial intelligence and cyber weapons, present unique legal and ethical challenges to be considered during their study and development. IWR specializes in providing Defence Industry and States with practical advice to enable them to comply with international law obligations and ethic principles.

Legal Review of weapons

IWR are experts in legal review of new weapons. We specialize in the legal review of new technology weapons including weapons enhanced by artificial intelligence and cyber weapons.

International Weapons Review
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