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IWR is an Australian based, veteran-owned and operated company specialising in international law relevant to the weapon review of new weapons, means and methods of warfare including autonomous and AI enhanced systems.

IWR offers a unique combination of practical experience and expertise in international law and ethical principles relevant to the use of weapons in armed conflict. Our advisors have decades of experience in advising military forces, government and defence industry. We specialise in the conduct of weapon reviews of conventional and new technology weapons, including autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons, in all domains, (land, air, maritime, space and cyber).

Our vision is to enhance the legal and ethical compliance of new technology weapons, means and methods of warfare by advising Defence industry and States on the weapon review obligation.

Dr Lauren Sanders, CSC

Managing Director

Lauren Sanders is a legal practitioner whose doctoral studies were in international criminal law accountability measures, and whose expertise is in the practice of international humanitarian law including advising on the accreditation and use of new and novel weapons technology. She has over twenty years of military experience and has advised the Australian Defence Force on the laws applicable to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and domestic terrorism operations.

Dr Lauren Sanders, CSC, Managing Director, International Weapons Review

Weapon reviews

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Each of our advisors are experts in international humanitarian law and the conduct of weapon reviews. All have completed Article 36 weapon reviews for the Australian Department of Defence and understand the role of the weapon review process during the capability life cycle. We have experience in applying legal and ethical considerations to the study and development of new weapons, including new technology weapons such as cyber weapons and autonomous weapons.

IWR can assist Defense industry and States to identify the weapon review issues relevant to their capability research and development and advise on the legal and ethical considerations.

New technology weapons

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Training and advice

IWR offer practical training on legal and ethical issues associated with the weapon review of weapons, means and methods of warfare.
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IWR can provide training and advice to Defence industry, States and organisations involved in the study, development, acquistion or adoption of new weapons, means or methods of warfare. Our advisors can provide bespoke training packages tailored to client needs, remotely or in person.

Our advisors can provide practical, plain language advice on the legal and ethical issues relevant to specific capabilities. We strive to enhance the legal and ethical compliance of new weapons and can provide companies and States with compliance uplift.

IWR advisors have extensive experience in training a range of audiences, from introductory to advance, on legal and ethical issues associated with the weapon review of weapons, means and methods of warfare.

International Weapons Review
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